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How we measure the success of your ad campaigns

Get transparent reporting with every campaign

We provide transparent and regular reporting for every dollar you spend, so it’s easy to track ad performance and make improvements to your campaign. Our dedicated client success team will work with you to quantify the impact of your advertising and make future recommendations.

Truth is what we do

We are a part of Jun Group, a company that was founded on a simple principle: advertising must be open, transparent, and honest.


Your reporting will always be accurate and unbiased. At every step, our client success team will be present to provide meaningful guidance and draw actionable insights from the numbers.

Track results with confidence

Know where your dollars are going

Our reports include campaign dates, budget, and performance for each advertising tactic, so you always know how your dollars are spent.

Understand which ads drive results

We’ll track views, clicks, plays, and completion rates for your creative to measure the effectiveness of your advertising.

Get a clear picture of your ROI

Seamlessly track conversions and leads tied to your campaign to gauge ROI and better understand what makes your customers buy.

Advanced measurement solutions

We partner with leading measurement providers to give you insights for various campaign goals. These partnerships allow you to track metrics like store visitation, purchase intent, online and offline sales, and more.

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