13% lift in dealership visits for a tri-state automotive group

We partnered with a regional automotive group to drive awareness and foot traffic for their holiday vehicle specials. Our campaign used custom behavioral targeting to zero in on consumers in the market for a vehicle. We then delivered the dealer’s video and display creative across premium entertainment apps and editorial sites to car shoppers in […]

3.4% conversion rate for a Kansas City dealer association

We worked with a regional automotive group to drive website conversions for their seasonal events. Our campaign leveraged behavioral and location data to reach consumers actively shopping for a vehicle in Kansas City. We then delivered custom video and display ads to drive engagement and action on the dealership’s website.

14% increase in awareness for a luxury car brand

Audi Image

We designed custom video units for a luxury car OEM, and distributed the creative to car shoppers across premium in-app environments. We then delivered a custom brand study to measure consumer awareness and familiarity with Audi’s vehicles.

17% lift in sign-up intent for a regional automotive club

We partnered with this automotive association to raise awareness for its services and drive membership sign-ups on their website. We used demographic and location data to reach consumers A25-65 in the company’s key markets. We distributed custom display units and a brand study to measure the campaign’s impact on consumers’ intent to become a member. 

17% lift in store visits for a regional fast food chain

We designed a custom display unit that showcased this fast food restaurant’s newest menu items. We then distributed the experience across premium apps and editorial sites to fast food consumers within the restaurant’s key markets. 

$13 cost per lead for a life insurance company

We partnered with an insurance provider to drive sign ups on their website. We used demographic and behavioral data to identify homeowners A50+ who were interested in life insurance. We then drove consumers directly to the brand’s website to learn more and sign up, and surpassed the brand’s cost per lead benchmark by 68%.